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Founded as an independent publishing house, Rombach Wissenschaft is now part of Nomos Publishers, having been acquired by the latter from the Rombach Group in Freiburg, and comprises Rombach Publishers' arts and humanities collection. It is above all known for its interdisciplinary series 'Litterae', which to date comprises over 250 literary and cultural studies publications, for the series 'Scenae', which focuses on dance and theatre studies, and for its work with the Institute for the History of Musical Reception and Interpretation at Mozarteum University in Salzburg, which collates the series 'Klang-Reden'. The publication of the yearbook on Hofmannsthal, 'Hofmannsthal – Jahrbuch zur europäischen Moderne' has established Rombach in the field of research into this influential writer. Rombach Wissenschaft has also distinguished itself in the field of philosophy through the publication of the complete critical edition of Hans Jonas's works, which was compiled by the Hans Jonas Centre at the Freie Universität in Berlin.

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