Books from the field of the Classics

Through the series 'Paradeigmata', which was launched in 2004, Rombach Wissenschaft has expanded its collection of philological studies to include those which focus on ancient texts. The series includes monographs and anthologies on the key areas of classical philology. By incorporating the series 'Tirolensia Latina' into its collection, Rombach Wissenschaft has extended it further to encompass critical editions and commentaries on neo-Latin texts. The collection also includes the transcripts of 'Pontes' conferences, which convene regularly.



Edited by Bernhard Zimmermann in collaboration with Karlheinz Stierle and Bernd Seidenstricker

The series ‘Paradeigmata’ is dedicated to research into ancient culture and its reception in the modern world. It focuses on the legacy of Greek and Roman literature, but it also examines other fields such as mythology, religion, music and art. This series is linked with numerous international research centres and projects, and publishes anthologies on current research debates and monographs.

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