Hans Jonas — Kritische Gesamtausgabe

5 parts with 14 volumes in total.
Edited by Dietrich Böhler, Michael Bongardt, Holger Burckhart and Walther Ch. Zimmerli.

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Leo Kestenberg — Gesammelte Schriften

Complete edition in 4 volumes and 2 sub-volumes. Edited by Wilfried Gruhn in collaboration with Ulrich Mahlert and Dietmar Schenk.

These collected works reveal Leo Kestenberg's (1882—1962) significance as a pianist as well as the importance of his work as a music teacher and in relation to cultural and educational policy. In addition to his main works, this edition contains essays, letters and documents on the reform of music in Prussia, which particulary reveal the main facets of Kestenberg's comprehensive concept of education policy, which laid the foundations for the various reforms enacted to reorganise education in terms of fostering music in both the public and private spheres.

Series titles

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