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Linguistics and literary studies form the core of Rombach Wissenschaft's collection. Outstanding monographs and anthologies with an interdisciplinary focus are published in the renowned series 'Litterae'. To date, this series, which was established in 1988, comprises almost 250 volumes. One of the most ambitious publications is 'Hofmannsthal – Jahrbuch zur europäischen Moderne', which is regarded as the most important forum of research into Hofmannsthal. Our collection also contains some funded series, such as 'Das unsichere Wissen in der Literatur', which comprises studies by SNF-ProDoc, while the 'Freiburger Romanistischen Arbeiten' are studies commended by the Dr Jürgen and Irmgard Ulderup Foundation. The series 'Nordica' ensures that Scandinavian studies are represented in our collection in addition to Romance studies.


Das Unsichere Wissen der Literatur

Edited by Hans-Georg von Arburg, Maximilian Bergengruen and Peter Schnyder

Since 2015, monographs, anthologies and conference proceedings on subjects relating to the history of knowledge from literary studies and its related disciplines have been published in the series ‘Das Unsichere Wissen der Literatur’ (The Changeable Knowledge of Literature). In addition to reflecting methodically on the relationship between literary texts and discursive contexts, the series focuses on the diverse and partly contradictory functions of literature in the production, discussion and diffusion of cultural knowledge. If knowledge is understood as a process rather than substance, the changeable knowledge of literature with its fiction, fantasies and fakes proves to be a key factor in understanding processes of knowledge production which need to be constantly reappraised.

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Freiburger Romanistische Arbeiten

Edited by Andreas Gelz, Ursula Hennigfeld, Hermann Herlinghaus, Daniel Jacob, Rolf Kailuweit, Thomas Klinkert and Stefan Pfänder

The 'Freiburger Romanistische Arbeiten' is the most important series of publications for Romance studies in Freiburg. It publishes projects funded by the Dr Jürgen and Irmgard Ulderup Foundation, including outstanding postgraduate dissertations. These research studies from the fields of linguistics, literary studies and cultural studies fulfil the series’ goal of publishing works based on both intermedia and interdisciplinary research, as well as those that address up-to-date, contemporary issues. Its volumes are mostly published in German, but also in French, Italian, Spanish and English.

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Hofmannsthal – Quellen und Studien

In the first half of the 20th century, letter writing still played a significant role among all authors. This was particularly true for Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874–1929), whose correspondence was extraordinarily extensive. It is precisely these letters and the responses they illicited which often provide deep insights into the authors’ works and their sociocultural environment. Through its volumes of important correspondence from and about Hofmannsthal, this series provides important evidence about him and the time in which he lived.

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intro: Literaturwissenschaft

The volumes in the series intro: Literaturwissenschaf provide a sound, compact and understandable introduction to both fundamental and current topics relating to a form of literary studies whose cultural studies expansion is based, for example, on the ‘turns’ of recent decades, such as the cultural turn, spatial turn, social turn, etc. The books will appeal to students of all branches of philology who would like to obtain an overview of their respective subject area, and the structured discussions, concise summaries, bibliographical references as well as questions and suggestions for further research in the volumes will facilitate students’ introduction to the subject matter.

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Edited by Günter Schnitzler, Maximilian Bergengruen and Thomas Klinkert. Co-founded by Gerhard Neumann (†)

Anthologies and monographs are collected in our publishing house’s flagship series, which addresses current topics from the field of humanities, in particular based on interdisciplinary questions. Founded in 1988 by the distinguished Germanist Gerhard Neumann (1934–2017), this highly respected series has become irreplaceable in literature studies and cultural studies research.

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Edited by Annegret Heitmann and Joachim Schiedermair

The series entitled ‘Nordica’ offers up-to-date literary studies contributions to Scandinavian studies in the form of monographs and anthologies. Since it was founded in the year 2000, the series has established itself above all as a forum for discussion and the application of cultural and media studies approaches to new Scandinavian studies. ‘Nordica’ offers its readers the chance to follow recent developments in interdisciplinary theory and methods with innovative reading matter on literature, film and other media from northern Europe. Interdisciplinary networking, the relevance of literary studies in general for Scandinavian studies and the significance of Scandinavian cultural heritage for interdisciplinary literature studies are important in this respect. Accordingly, the series has already published studies on the definitive authors of Nordic literature such as Strindberg, Ibsen, Hamsun and Inger Christensen, on Scandinavian contemporary and youth literature, which is widely read internationally, and also on the relation between text and pictures, and literature and radio or jazz.

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Edited by Claudia Liebrand and Thomas Wortmann

This series is intended as a forum for a form of literary studies whose cultural studies expansion has been consolidated since the ›turns‹ in recent decades. The monographs and anthologies it publishes address the ›textures‹ which literature (and culture in general) is composed of: the literal materials and the media and cultural contexts that are inserted and interwoven into texts. These works and analyses are characterised by their openness towards incisive theoretical discussions in literary, media and cultural studies as well as their demands for innovative approaches.

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Hofmannsthal — Jahrbuch zur europäischen Moderne

Edited by Maximilian Bergengruen, Alexander Honold, Ursula Renner and Günter Schnitzler on behalf of the Hugo von Hofmannsthal-Gesellschaft

This yearbook has been published since 1993 and is regarded as the most important institution in research into Hofmannsthal. On the one hand, it places the works of Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874–1929) in the aesthetic and socio-historical context of modern European culture. According to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung , its publication of previously unpublished correspondence is one of its particular merits. On the other hand, contributions from renowned experts in literature, the fine arts, philosophy, psychology, politics, and in dance and theatre at the turn of the century are also collected in this yearbook.

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Limbus — Australisches Jahrbuch für germanistische Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft

Edited by Franz-Josef Deiters, Axel Fliethmann, Alison Lewis, Cat Moir und Christiane Weller

For an academic discipline like German studies to make its mark, global networking is essential, especially in a country such as Australia, which due to its geostrategical location does not allow for proliferent German studies research in the same way that Europe does. ‘Limbus—The Australian Yearbook of German Literary and Cultural Studies’ is intended to take this need into account. Its goal is to further promote Australian German studies to readers with some knowledge of this field and to provide a specifically Australian forum for international discussion on this subject area. Each annual issue focuses on a particular main topic decided on by the editors, and in no way ignores the ideas and opinions of Germanists living and working outside Australia. This periodical, which was first published in 2008, regularly publishes academic essays and reviews of new academic publications from the field of German literary and cultural studies. Its editors are assisted by an academic panel consisting of experts from around the world.

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14 (2021): Mord / Murder

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