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High-quality musicology publications are an integral part of Rombach Wissenschaft's collection. The Institute for the History of Musical Reception and Interpretation at Mozarteum University in Salzburg publishes the findings of its research projects and information on its current events in the series 'Klang-Reden'.


Klang-Reden. Schriften zur Musikalischen Rezeptions- und Interpretationsgeschichte

Edited by the Institute for the History of Musical Reception and Interpretation at Mozarteum University

The series entitled ‘klang-reden. Schriften zur Musikalischen Rezeptions- und Interpretationsgeschichte’ (Tonal Discussions. Studies on the history of the reception and interpretation of music) was founded by the Institute for the History of Musical Reception and Interpretation in 2008. To date, the series has focused on Mozart, modern classical music, baroque music, popular music and methods used in musical interpretation research. One of its significant incentives in studying this field is, in particular, to place topics relating to musical practice in a clear context.

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Series Titles

Musikethnologie im 21. Jahrhundert | Ethnomusicology in the 21st Century

Edited by Barbara Alge and Lisa-Maria Brusius

The series »Ethnomusicology in the 21st century«, which was established at Goethe University in Frankfurt in 2021, includes monographs, edited volumes and conference proceedings on the fields of ethnomusicology and the anthropology of music. In light of the increasing importance of digitalisation, political debates on postcolonial and post-migrant societies, and the global health and climate crises, this series explores their consequences for music-making, discussing current issues, research approaches and paradigms.

Series Titles

Voces. Freiburger Schriften zur Musikwissenschaft

Edited by Christian Berger, Konstantin Voigt and Christoph Wolff

Since it was founded 100 years ago by the musicologist Willibald Gurlitt, the music department at the University of Freiburg has studied the history of music from the early Middle Ages to the present. The volumes in the series ‘Freiburger Beiträge zur Musikwissenschaft’ (the Freiburg Contributions to Musicology), which have been published under the title ‘Voces’ since 1995, are dedicated to upholding this tradition. This title refers to the tradition of medieval solmisation, which was taught and used until during the 16th century and represents a key element in understanding medieval sources of music. In this respect, the publications in the series are intended to bring to life the works they focus on through historical and music theory source criticism in tandem with intensive analytical examinations, and in this way make them more understandable for readers today.

Series Titles

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