Marketing and distribution

In addition to advertising your work in our catalogue of new publications, which is published biannually for distribution at the book fairs in Frankfurt and Leipzig, we will also promote your book through our series pamphlets, thematic brochures and other means of advertising, all of which we circulate at academic conferences and congresses.

Moreover, we send our brochures to book retailers, libraries and selected customers. We also ensure that your work becomes known immediately after publication through adverts and supplements in relevant academic journals.


Your book can be ordered from our shop, book retailers or well-known sales platforms. We will enter your work in the German index of available books (VLB), which enables book retailers to search for it easily. This is accompanied by expert metadata management, which ensures your book can be found quickly on the internet.

Nomos eLibrary

In addition to its print version, your work will also be published in a digital form in the Nomos eLibrary. In this way, particularly by supplying it to academic libraries and institutions, we guarantee that a broad readership will have access to your research.

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We make your work known and ensure its international distribution. Find out about our extensive advertising and distribution measures and learn more about the advantages of publishing with Rombach Wissenschaft!!

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