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Rombach Wissenschaft was taken over as an independent
publishing house from Freiburg Rombach Group by Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft and represents the humanities portfolio of Rombach Verlag.


  • Cultural Studies

  • Literary Science

  • Musical Science

Cultural Studies

Our cultural studies programme is as diverse as cultural studies itself: scholarly examination of artistic-cultural forms of expression such as literature, music, theatre, dance, art and religion are represented here just as much as philosophical-sociological analyses of socio-cultural conditions. Whether historical-comparative or contemporary, theoretical or empirical, our series of publications and introductions take up current paradigms of cultural studies research.

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Literary Science

Literary studies is the heart of our publishing house. Outstanding monographs and anthologies from modern philologies such as German studies, Romance studies, Scandinavian studies and comparative literature as well as from classical philology fill our series and yearbook portfolio. Our programme in literary studies is characterised by a high degree of interdisciplinarity and intermediality and integrates linguistic, cultural and media studies perspectives.

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Musical Science

From the very beginning, musicology has been a focal point of Rombach Wissenschaft’s programme with an emphasis on works on the history and reception of European music, especially the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We continue this music-historical orientation with our series of publications and introductory works, while at the same time supplementing them with current topics from sociology, ethnology and media studies.

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